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The History of Turmeric

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The History of Turmeric

The use of turmeric dates back nearly 4000 years to the Vedic culture in India, where it was used as a culinary spice and had some religious significance. It most likely reached China by 700AD, East Africa by 800AD, West Africa by 1200AD and Jamaica in the eighteenth century.

It was one of the 2 dozen or so plants brought to Hawaii by early Polynesian settlers in their voyaging canoes. Ceremonially, the traditional use for `olena is as a purifier, containing much mana, spiritual power. Pieces of the crushed root mixed with sea water are sprinkled to remove negative influences from places, persons and things.

Typically, when someone is ill, or when a home or other place is to be newly occupied and needing blessing, a ceremony is held. To sprinkle, a ti leaf is dipped into a calabash or bowl containing the `olena and sea water. The sprinkling is accompanied by prayers.

Turmeric is revered for its incredible anti-inflammatory benefits due to its main active ingredient Curcumin. More than 100 healthy components have been isolated from turmeric. The main component of turmeric root is a volatile oil, containing turmerone, and there are other coloring agents called curcuminoids including Curcumin in turmeric.

Our fresh Turmeric root contains one of the highest concentrations of Curcumin (its anti-inflammatory compound) and is grown in the pristine mineral rich volcanic soil on Haleakalā. Hand harvested, our turmeric root is cultivated at its peak potency to ensure optimal bioavailability and efficacy. When you start to understand the powerful benefits of turmeric you’ll find how important it is to make it a part of your everyday life. 

Our Turmeric Ginger Tonic is an easy + tasty way to get a daily dose of turmeric into your body. Depending on your lifestyle, it generally takes 4-6 weeks of daily consumption to notice a change. Research + client testimonials show that you should experience benefits within as little as 30 days. However, we recommend consuming our turmeric on a daily basis for long term healthcare. We are committed to providing you with the best nutrition so we will never heat treat or pasteurize our tonic.

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