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Drinks with Benefits®

Maui Tonics® was founded by Sundya and Gary, the first + only people making fresh-to-order tonics on Maui. Using only superior, locally grown + organic ingredients, Maui Tonics® contains hundreds of the most elegant compounds created by nature along with lots of loving nurture by our local farmers. 

We believe in the power of nature and strive to nourish everyone from the inside out, by bringing nature’s precious gift straight to you... in the purest form possible.

Proven daily regimen

“Turmeric and ginger have been used in my family for generations. Whether they were used as a preventative or a curative, they have been a part of my family's daily regimen for as long as I know.” — Sundya

Made fresh to order

We source the finest organic ingredients available, directly from local Maui farmers, to provide the highest quality Drinks with Benefits®. Freshly harvested, cold pressed & bottled with Aloha.

Respecting our Food

Food is taken for granted especially because of how easy it is to access it. It’s easy to forget how much work goes into finding it, taking care of it and tending to it. How much time it takes for the plant itself to get the nutrients it needs to grow.

Supporting local Farmers

We work directly with organic farmers, and using healthy practices we hand select our ingredients a few times a week to create the most nutritious and best tonics possible.

Upcountry Farmer's Market

We also are known for our “shot bar” at the popular Upcountry Farmer's Market on Maui, pouring hundreds of tonic shots every Saturday morning for the local community + tourists.