“My wife and I started drinking your Turmeric Tonic about a month ago.  Since then I visited a cardiologist for some routine tests.  My blood pressure has dropped from the 140’s to 106/62 (latest reading)” ~T. Hansen


“Not having your Turmeric Tonic, last weekend I took meds my MD had prescribed for me before I began using your Turmeric Tonic.  In order to get the pain under control I took the max dose that ended up being the overdose level.  Fortunately my daughter who is a pharmacist and she immediately realized what was happening and told me to eat and drink liquids to flush the medication out of my system.  I took a dose for a person weighing 30lbs more than me.  BACK ON THE TURMERIC TONIC AND IN NO PAIN!! It was a frightful 12 hours getting the meds out of my system.  I’m so glad for the Turmeric Tonic!” ~ C. Spellberg


“My daughter had a chronic cough. We took her to multiple doctors and were not able to give us a diagnosis or a treatment…the only thing they could see was lots of mucus buildup in her lungs.  After starting a daily regimen of your Turmeric Tonic her cough stopped and her lungs cleared up.  Thank you!” ~Brandy A.


“Mom is noticing a difference, loves it, and is off Ibuprofen completely.  My Aunt (who has had several major injuries and surgeries) has reduced the amount of Ibuprofen and isn’t as achey as she was.  Thank you so much!” -Melissa P.


“My sore throat is 100% better.  After 4 shots of the Elderberry Ginger Tonic.  This stuff really works!  Thanks” -Dr. Ram


“We shared our last order of tonics with my mom (here in California), and I can’t begin to tell you how much she loves it. She’s been having some health issues, and since adding your turmeric and elderberry ginger tonics to her daily routine, she is feeling much, MUCH better! Many of her symptoms have markedly  improved. We are so encouraged that we gave her our part of the order, so she can continue drinking them daily :)” -Theresa M.


“I received my first order last week. I’m about a week in and LOVE it!!! It has already made a difference in my digestion…When should I order again so I do’t run out?” ~Acacia C.


“After taking daily doses of the turmeric tonic my knee pain has greatly reduced.  Thank you for making such a healthy tonic!” ~Dr. Mary


“Really helps digestion and made arthritis pain go away. Excellent tonic-thank you very much for your company that helps health. Aloha.” -Jean Tessmor


“Fortunately, his mom is asymptomatic at the moment – Hoping it stays that way! And Dylan and I are encouraged by the fact we have been so mindful about drinking our tonics and nourishing our bodies with real, healing food. It certainly is a worthwhile investment” ~TMaC


“I took my meds prescribed last night and it only takes the edge off pain.  I can’t actually believe that with taking your turmeric tonic daily ALL the pain was gone!  I’m a believer now without any doubts as to how much your turmeric tonic helps!” ~ Connie


“Thank you! AMAZING!! My sister + I are painters and after 1 week of drinking turmeric tonic both of us FINALLY have relief from arthritis pain + inflammation” -Tammy Gray Baxter


“I have lived with years of stomach issues…After one month of daily use this turmeric tonic has completely transformed and helped me!  Don’t want to go a day without it.” -Alexa Penavega


“I have MS and I’ve have noticed that your Turmeric Tonic has helped with my hands. Will continue to drink it!” ~Joyce McDougall


“Since I’ve been ‘using’ this amazing tonic I don’t have to take any pain medicine for my neck/back pain! So worth it! Liquid sunshine!” ~ Daniela


“I work in construction and have been drinking your Turmeric Tonic and your Tamarind Ginger Tonic for over a year now and my weight has gone down, my energy levels are up and the pain in my my hands, shoulders and entire body has disappeared!  Thank you!” ~Kaleo 


“Acid reflux gone away! and health wise, feel great!” ~ Brandon


“Within 2 days I was hiking with no pain in my knee. Wonderful product. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Sign me up! Thank you!” -Terri H.


“I was in a car accident Jan 2017 that rolled my car. I was very sore after that and started drinking turmeric tonic. I definitely felt the difference. After many months of drinking it I stopped as $ was a bit tight. I noticed the difference and am back drinking it daily and am much happier!” -Susan B.


“Eliminated my gastrointestinal problems and the anti inflammatory properties of turmeric tonic reduced skin irritation and acne as well” -Shanti


“After trying all kinds of medicine including steroids, my eczema finally cleared up right away after drinking your turmeric tonic. It’s the only thing that’s worked!” -Rachael L.


“I have been taking the tonic for chronic skin condition see amazing results – Mahalo” -Lori S.


“Cured all swelling in a knee operated on 3 times!  Now I’m running on the beach at 57 years old!  Whoopie!” -Grant Bashore


“It helped me finally sleep without pain.  Helped clear up my skin because I have a rash on the bottom of my legs” -Cindy M.


“I can’t do a day without it – Its how I start every day!  It helps everything for me-from skin issues, digestive health, inflammation + post gym” -Kammy


“I have had an aching shoulder for months, the tonic has completely wiped out the pain!  Love it!” -Marianne Ahern


“I have been having amazing results with the turmeric tonic and will continue to take it” -John W.


“Had joint pain for years, I would not sleep or preform regular tasks.  After taking turmeric tonic from Maui Tonics for only 3 days the pain went away.” -Denise M.


“The turmeric tonic warms my soul..I had been taking turmeric for years for psoriasis, but the turmeric tonic is like a miracle for it!  It has completely disappeared!” -Desiree (Nahuluopuaolena)


“The turmeric tonic not only tastes great but has innumerable health benefits especially quelling inflammation.  A shot a day does remarkable improvements for many organs & joints…and it tastes good!” -Dr. Paul & Angelika


“I want to tell you that your turmeric tonic worked for my Fibromyalgia.  I would say I started feeling benefits in the 5th week of drinking it.  This has made a big difference & has helped me immensely!” -E


“I have been using it daily for 3 weeks, first thing in the AM.  It gets my blood flowing and helps with my chronic inflammation.  I’m hooked!” -Ali G.


“Chronic pain in both my shoulders has stopped altogether after 1 week of use of your turmeric tonic. Thank you so much!” -Layne B.


“We LOVE LOVE LOVE the tonic!  Have been taking it for over a year and notice we have a better pep in our steps. Highly recommend it! You won’t regret it!” -Jamie