Shipping etc.


We ship FEDEX 2 day  every Wednesday.  All orders must be pre paid by Saturday before they can be shipped to you.

Boxes will generally arrive to your destination on Friday.

Please place tonics into your fridge as soon as you can.

If you are ordering more that you will consume in 1 week, place 1 or 2 flask(s) into your fridge and any addition flasks flat into your freezer without opening the.  Allow 24-48 hours to thaw in your fridge.

your health:

Our tonic has not been heat treated or pasteurized so it may not be suitable for everyone.  If you are pregnant, have any allergies or are taking medication please seek medical advise before consuming our product.

Any information published on this site or any information we may send you does not constitute medical advice.  We do not intend to treat or diagnose any illnesses or diseases.