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Matcha Ginger Tonic (Farmer's Market Pick Up)


Matcha has been shown to help improve attention, memory and reaction time. Unlike traditional green tea, Matcha is grown by covering the tea plants with shade cloths before they're harvested to avoid sunlight and increase production of chlorophyll—a powerful component important for skin health and wound healing. We use ceremonial grade Matcha, the most potent form of all Matcha varieties. Combined with ginger, one of the healthiest spices on earth that is loaded with antioxidants, nutrients and bioactive compounds, this tonic aids brain function, sharpens focus and calms the mind.

Recommended serving size: 

4 ounces per day / 1 Pint = 4 servings
$17 pint = Only $4.25 per 4oz serving

Supports Brain Health
Calms the mind 

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Ceremonial Grade Matcha, Organic Ginger, Coconut 

Bottled in recyclable (BPA + BPS free bottles - approved for food + beverage contact by the FDA.

Pick Up Location: Upcountry Farmers Market, Saturdays from 7-11AM. Orders must be placed by Thursday 12PM for Saturday Pickup. Our Tonics need to be kept cold. Please bring a cooler/cooler bag with you at the time of pickup. All pre-paid orders must be picked up by 11am. We do not issue refunds. Please let us know 24 hours prior if you are unable to pick up.

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Our tonic has not been heat treated or pasteurized – it is a raw product. If you are pregnant, have any allergies or are taking medication please seek medical advice before consuming our product. Any information published on this site or any information we may send you does not constitute medical advice. We do not intend to treat or diagnose any illnesses or diseases.

Maui Tonics® is NOT a juice, it's a nutritional tonic and is to be taken as a dietary supplement in small doses. If you'd like to enjoy long-term effects, we recommend taking our tonic on a daily basis as daily self-care regimen, rather than for a 'quick fix'. On average, it takes between 4-6 weeks of daily consumption to notice a change.

Focused Nutritional Healing

We believe in the power of nature and with that we strive to nourish everyone from the inside out. We bring that precious gift straight from nature directly to you, in the purest form possible. Maui Tonics® contains hundreds of the most elegant compounds created by nature along with lots of loving nurture by our local farmers. No scientific lab can ever beat that!