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Premium Hand Ground Masala Chai Caffeinated (Canada Shipping)


Our Premium Masala Chai is made with the highest quality hand ground organic spices + tea we can get our hands on, giving our Chai a much richer + stronger flavor. It is made without sweeteners, milk powders, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. It is the perfect way to experience authentic Masala Chai . 25 servings.


Traditional Masala Chai: Add 1 teaspoon chai to 6 oz. milk of choice + 2 oz. water. Bring to a boil, simmer for 3 minutes. Stir well + sweeten to taste.

For a non-dairy option, we recommend organic Oat milk as it provides the perfect body to stand up to the spices.

Quick Chai: Add 1 teaspoon chai to 2 oz. hot water, stir then add 6 oz. hot milk of choice. Stir well + sweeten to taste.

✓ Anti Inflammatory
✓ Antioxidants

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