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Organic Golden Chai with Mamaki

Our Golden Chai is perfect for the cooler fall + winter days or can be served over ice for warmer days
  • We combine our Organic Signature Golden Blend with Organic (hand picked) Hawaiian Mamaki tea providing you with a double dose of anti inflammatory + immune support
  • The premium Mamaki leaves are hand plucked from the tips of the plant and make a natural healing herbal tea + tonic
  • Mamaki only grows in Hawaii and isn’t found elsewhere in the world

  • Mamaki is best known as a refreshing herbal tea, and is reputed to contain healing properties as a tonic for its numerous health & medicinal benefits. Native Hawaiian Mamaki is a known herbal remedy for general debilities, lowering high blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, and cleansing toxins from the blood, as well as relieves stress and fatigue. It was and is to this day used for stomach problems, colon problems, liver troubles, bladder problems and irregular bowels. It has also been credited to help maintain balance for diabetes for some people. It is popular with local Hawaiians as a refreshing hot or iced tea.

  • Mamaki is naturally caffeine free.

  • Each bag is precisely measured and carefully hand scooped into individual bags and makes 1 pot of tea
  • These large bags give the Mamaki tea enough room to allow the turmeric + spice blend to fully infuse
  • Pour boiling water into a  teapot and steep with 1 teabag for at least 5 minutes
  • Mamaki tea will not get bitter so you can leave the bag in for as long as you desire
  • Serve hot or chilled;  enjoy as is or add a touch of honey + milk of choice
  • 8 bags/ makes 8 pots of tea
  • price includes shipping from Maui


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Organic Maui Turmeric
Our Signature Golden Blend
Hawaiian Mamaki Tea
Anti Inflammatory
Immune Support
Caffeine Free
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