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Turmeric Tonic

Made with all Maui grown organic ingredients this anti inflammatory tonic is made in small batches with the highest quality turmeric in the world.

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Our turmeric tonic is made with organic maui grown turmeric, ginger, lemon & black pepper.

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About Us

We believe that fresh is best, so we source the finest ingredients we can get our hands on right here on the island of Maui. Working directly with local farmers, we are able to provide you with the highest quality turmeric tonic. Freshly harvested, fresh pressed & bottled with love.

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Our Turmeric Tonic


Turmeric is revered for its incredible anti inflammatory benefits, due to its main active ingredient curcumin.


Ginger is well known for relieving digestive issues which in turn helps the body absorb nutrients, it helps reduce inflammation and lowers blood sugar levels


Lemons are one of the best sources of vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin A, potassium + magnesium, all essential nutrients that protect the immune system, helping to relieve cold & flu symptoms.

Black Pepper

The piperine in black pepper helps make the turmeric more bio available by increasing Curcumins absorption into the bloodstream

“Really helps digestion and made arthritis pain go away. Excellent tonic-thank you very much for your company that helps health. Aloha.”

Jean T.

“Cured all swelling in a knee operated on 3 times! Now I’m running on the beach at 57 years old! Whoopie!”

Grant B.

“Within 2 days I was hiking with no pain in my knee. Wonderful product. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Sign me up! Thank you!”

Terri H.

“I can’t do a day without it – Its how I start every day! It helps everything for me-from skiing issues, digestive health, inflammation + post gym”


More Testimonials

“I have been taking the tonic for chronic skin condition see amazing results – Mahalo”

Lori S.

“I have been having amazing results with the turmeric tonic and will continue to take it”

John W.


What is the shelf life?

1 week

Is your tonic made to order?

Yes! Every order is pressed fresh and shipped out the next day…in order to keep it as fresh as possible.

When you order for market pick up, we make it the day before.

Does it need to stay cold?

Yes…they are cold pressed and perishable so they need to stay cold.

For shipping, try to get them into the fridge as soon as possible.

For market pick up, please bring a cooler bag with ice packs.

How much should I drink each day?

We recommend drinking 4 ounces a day which will give you the perfect amount of turmeric into your system.

The key with turmeric is to have at least a small amount every day, that’s how turmeric gets into your system and starts to work for you.

I’ve been taking turmeric pills, is this the same thing?

We use fresh organic Maui grown turmeric root, which is harvested for us the day before we press it. Turmeric pills are processed, dried and sometimes may even contain additives and preservatives to prolong the shelf life. Also knowing where the root is grown, how it’s harvested and how old it is is unknown.