who we are

We believe that fresh is best, so we source the finest ingredients we can get our hands on right here on the island of Maui.  Working directly with local farmers, we are able to provide you with the highest quality turmeric tonic.  Freshly harvested, fresh pressed & bottled with love.   We donate the majority of our pulp back to our farmer who then turns it into incredible compost for more amazing produce to grow.  We started making this delicious healthy tonic for ourselves and some friends a few ago and grew from there.  People wanted more and their friends wanted some too.  So we decided to try selling some at a local farmers market and the word spread quickly. Serving up our tonic in glass jars and sometimes offering a paper straw to the little ones, we work hard to reduce our carbon footprint. Since we get a lot of visitors at the market, they often contact us and ask us if we can ship it to their home on the mainland.

So we perfected a way to ship our tonic to you nice and cold and ready to drink using reusable BPA free flasks (since shipping in glass is not that easy!) and eco friendly packaging.  We are committed to providing you with the best nutrition so we will never heat treat or pasteurize our tonic.

When you start to understand the powerful benefits of turmeric you’ll find how important it is to make it a part of your everyday life. our turmeric tonic is an easy + tasty way to get a daily dose of turmeric into your body.  Four ounces a day helps keep inflammation at bay.

our turmeric tonic

our turmeric tonic is made with organic maui grown turmeric, ginger, lemons & black pepper


What’s all the hype? Hawaiian Red Turmeric (Olena) is very different from the yellow turmeric found in most health food stores and around the world. It’s prized for having much higher levels of Curcumin (it’s anti inflammatory property) and for its superior flavor.  Our turmeric is harvested just before we press it, and we press it just before we ship it to you.


is an amazing superfood … well known for relieving digestive and respiratory issues, nausea and motion sickness…which in turn helps the body absorb nutrients


are one of the best sources of vitamin c, vitamin b6, vitamin a, potassium + magnesium, all essential nutrients that protect the immune system, helping to relieve cold & flu symptoms

black pepper

the piperine in black pepper helps make the turmeric more bioavailable by increasing Curcumins absorption into the bloodstream